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Doctors at the elephant hospital work to save the life of one of our precious patients

The elephants of Thailand are in distress. As the last centenary continues to fade into memories unfortunately so does the economic need for elephants.

This time 100 years ago there was over 100 000 domestic elephants in Thailand. Used as the heavy lifting equipment of the day, these elephants hauled the precious teak wood to sell to The West, they worked on the farm hand in hand with farmers to put food on plates, they helped build bridges, houses, railway lines and in Military service along side human soldiers helping keep Thailand independent.

Sadly the glory days of the elephant have gone. With the invention of better and better machines and the outlawing of logging in 1989 there has ceased to be an economic place for the thousands of elephants.

In the past many owners were forced to beg for food with their elephants on the streets of major cities and a few elephants can still be seen on the streets of Bangkok today.

Estimates vary and experts disagree but there are roughly 6000 elephant now in Thailand.

This elephant was involved in a trajic accident
– just one of the patients at the hospital at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center that our work helps.

Fortunately there are now many tourists that now visit Thailand and seeing elephants is near the top of their list of things to do. There are many tourist camps providing necessary jobs to elephants and their keepers.

Our paper contributes to securing the future of the Thai elephants. We are based at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang which is in the north of the country.

Our paper provides another necessary income generator that helps to feed and care for these majestic creatures.

The simplicity of the idea is remarkable. We collect the dung of elephants, we turn it into paper and then products. We then sell the paper and return profits to feeding and caring for the elephants.

We call it The circle of conservation

The circle of conservation – elephants helping elephants.

In addition we provide many jobs to relatives of elephant keepers and low-income families. Help us help the elephants help themselves!

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